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Coming into the more perennial contribution of the Guru, we Should try to understand what he made to manifest through his disciple, MahakaviKumaranAsan who was to him a mind-born son. The charm of good poetry never dies. Some of : the outstanding words of truth are sung as imperishable poetry such as we see in the Rig Veda, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana; the Psalms of theBible and the Holy Quran. All the finest feelings of Narayana Guru and what he mooted as the aspiration of the people of all time was sympathetically echoed in language of exquisite beauty by KumaranAsan through his poems. The Guru did not make him a puppet or an instrument of propagation. He had blessed the poet to grow into his own full stature both as a poet and as a person. KumaranAsan is undoubtedly respected today as the father of the renaissance in Malayalam literature. In all his poems, we can hear the unerring commentary of Narayana Guru's silent word. KumaranAsan'sChandlaBhikshuki and Duravastha are poetic expositions of Narayana Guru's teachings of social justice.

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