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The doors of SNMM is always open for all without any discrimination. SNMM also extend its assistance for new migrants to Australia. Anyone can be a part of this noble voluntary not-for-profit organization and can contribute towards all noble services extended to the society. SNMM conduct regular blood donation camps and encourages people to join this noble campaign. As part of developing art and culture, SNMM conducts multicultural events throughout the year. People from all communities participate in these events and multi diversified cultural programs are performed.

SNMM hosts spiritual gatherings on monthly basis. All members of SNMM joins this spiritual gathering and participates in prayers and the following motivational talks/speeches. The classes and talks are normally done by the prominent personalities within the community and covers broad topics such as

  • Importance of Yoga and meditation in life
  • Health awareness classes
  • Personality Development
  • Importance of tradition and cultural values
  • Leadership training
  • Importance of charity and compassion

SNMM also promotes and delivers classes for students for preparing the selective schools entry exams. The tremendous success rate of previous classes shows the sincerity and dedication of the voluntary staffs involved in this activities. SNMM also organizes charity works throughout the year. Annual Food fest and cultural activities are normally lead by our ladies wing and the fund raised are spend for charity purpose.

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