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Golden Words
  • “One Caste, One Religion, One God for Mankind”
  • “Not Ask, Not Say and Not Think about Caste”
  • “Progress through Education & Strength through Organization”
  • “Liquor is poison, not make it, not sell it & not drink it”
  • “Whichever the religion, It suffices If it makes a better man.”
  • "One in kind, One in Faith and One in God Of one same womb, of one same form there is no Difference at all"
  • “Act that one performs for own sake should also aim for the well being of others”
  • Vidyakonduprabuddharavuka - Become enlightened, through Education
  • Sanghatanakondushaktaravuka - Become strengthened, through Organization
  • Prayatnamkondusampannaravuka - Become prosperous, through Hard work
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