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Narayana Guru's contribution to philosophy

The works of Narayana Guru can be classified mainly into four divisions:

  • Mystical or devotional
  • Metaphysical
  • Socio-ethical
  • Aesthetic.

Although all the hymns and praises are essentially devotional and permeated with mystical effusions, some of them contain fundamentals of epistemology and hence can be included in his metaphysical works. Indian aesthetics has its heart in devotion. All works of Narayana Guru except, perhaps, Darsna Mala, Arivu, Jati-Mimamsa and Jati-Nirmaya have great aesthetic content. The Guru's deducement of ethical norms is based on his philosophical visions and metaphysical conclusions. As a result, when we study any of the aforesaid aspects, we have to look into all his works. As we intend to elaborate on this point in the next section we do not want to say anything about his major works at the moment. A general classification only is noted above.

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